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Starmark’s Ways to Save provides education to help members save on healthcare costs and become empowered consumers of healthcare. This page contains communications about cost savings designed to help members covered by one of our major medical health benefit plan designs. Members covered under other plan designs can benefit from much of the information presented here.  

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  • 6 Ways to Save: Start off the new year with six smart ways to save on healthcare.
  • End-of-Year Checklist: Answer four questions to see if you took advantage of easy healthcare cost-saving options throughout the year. 
  • Back to School Healthcare Savings: Turn to retail clinics, such as CVS Minute Clinic™, for back-to-school required medical needs.  Find out more.
  • Avoid Surprise Medical Charges: Don’t be surprised by your medical bills – get tips here on what you can do to avoid surprise charges.


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Medical Second Opinions

  • Medical Second Opinions: There’s an App for That: Getting a medical second opinion is now as accessible as opening an app on your mobile phone. Learn more.
  • Seek a Second Opinion: Grand Rounds®, a provider of medical second opinion services, can offer cost-savings if unnecessary, costly procedures are avoided. Read a patient story or learn more about this service.
  • Grand Rounds® Second Opinions: Meet the Doctors: Grand Rounds implements a rigorous physical selection – take a look at some of the physicians available through their second opinion service. Learn more.


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Your Healthcare Benefit

  • Choose In-Network Care (for plans with a PPO network): Making sure the care you receive is considered in-network can mean the difference between big savings and big spending. Click here to see cost-comparison examples and see how much you can save by choosing in-network care.
  • Choose the Right Level of Care: When you need care, knowing your options can help save you time and money. Learn about level of care options, such as nurse lines and walk-in clinics, to help you choose the right one here.


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Shopping for Healthcare

  • Must-Have Apps Make Managing Your Healthcare Easier: Provides information on must-have apps and the mobile-friendly Starmark website. Learn more.
  • There’s an App for that! If you’ve ever wanted to know an average cost for a procedure while at the doctor’s office – now you can! Get the Healthcare Bluebook App for iPhone and Android with these instructions
  • Save Money Using Healthcare Bluebook™! Healthcare Bluebook* is a cost and quality transparency tool designed to help consumers save on healthcare spending. Learn more.
* Healthcare Bluebook is included with Starmark major medical or limited medical plan designs. Plan provisions apply. Before receiving care, always ask the provider for his or her price. Additionally if your health plan uses a PPO network, call the provider network at the toll-free number on your medical ID card to verify that the hospital and/or healthcare provider participates in the network. Healthcare Bluebook is not available to Washington groups or to members covered under a preventive-only plan design. Healthcare BluebookTM is a trademark of CareOperative, LLC, which is not an affiliate of Starmark or Trustmark Life Insurance Company.

Achieve Your Health Goals

Starmark provides programs and services giving members options to stay healthy and the ability to control healthcare costs.

  • Grand Rounds*
  • Teladoc®
  • CareChampion 24/7**
  • NurseLine 24/7SM
  • YourCare**
  • Maternity Wellness
  • Healthy Foundations Newsletter
  • And more
Visit the Wellness Overview page for more information.

*Not available for members covered by our preventive-only plan design. 

**Available as an optional benefit on our major medical plan designs.