Limited Benefits, Lower Monthly Costs

The Starmark Limited PlusSM plan design allows employers to provide limited health benefit coverage for lower monthly costs. The self-funded plan design was developed as a cost-effective alternative to a comprehensive major medical benefit plan design. A provider reimbursement strategy known as reference-based pricing is used to help control costs.

The Limited Plus plan design is not a comprehensive major medical plan design. It covers limited medical expenses only. Benefits are limited to the coverage described in the Plan Document and Schedule of Benefits. Exclusions and limitations apply.
Key advantages:
  • Lower-cost limited medical benefit plan design covers eligible illnesses and injuries
  • Freedom of choice in healthcare providers
  • Coverage of limited services, such as doctor office visits, surgery and an in-hospital stay
  • 100% coverage for eligible preventive-care services
  • Outpatient prescription benefit for generic drugs 
  • A multiple of Medicare is used to calculate provider reimbursement for most covered healthcare services up to the plan limits. 
  • Wellness and cost-saving services: Telemedicine doctor consults at a $0 copay; a medical second opinion service, a quality and cost comparison tool, and access to a 24/7 nurseline.


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