Trustmark and Starmark Support Members Affected by Severe Weather and Other Emergencies

Trustmark and Starmark are providing the following information to assist members affected by severe weather and other emergencies.
Provider Access for Plans with a PPO Network
Members can call the number on their ID card to locate a network provider. If the ID card is not available, members can log in at to print a temporary card or call Starmark customer service at 800.522.1246 for assistance.
In the event of a health emergency, you can visit any hospital and claims will be considered at the in-network benefit level.
Mail Service Prescription Refills
Members needing assistance with mail service prescriptions can call CVS/caremark Customer Care at 877.876.7217. CVS/caremark Customer Care can assist by:
  • Electronically routing your prescription to another CVS/caremark Mail Service Pharmacy, if necessary.
  • Arranging for a short-term supply of your prescriptions to be picked up at a participating retail pharmacy, if allowed by your plan.
  • Shipping your prescription to an alternate address, if necessary.
CVS Retail Prescriptions
Members needing assistance with retail prescriptions can call CVS/customer Care at 877.876.7217. CVS retail pharmacy supports patients by:
  • Transferring needed refills to or from any CVS location.
  • Contacting a patient’s physician for a new prescription.
Note: Some states have regulations limiting refill transfers; CVS/caremark complies with those legal requirements.
We are committed to helping our members through this difficult time. If you have questions regarding your healthcare benefits, please call the number on your ID card or our Natural Disaster Relief Customer Assistance Line at 866.415.9271.
Be Prepared
Planning ahead can help you in the event of an emergency. This brochure offers helpful tips for medication planning.