Do you feel like you have hit a wall trying to grow your business?

Instantly differentiate yourself by offering a solution that combines the lower price of self funding with a refund opportunity, national carrier strength, stop-loss insurance and a personalized enrollment process –
with Starmark® self-funded plan designs and stop-loss insurance.

And, since your time is important, we provide continued support and all of the tools necessary to help get you up to speed.

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Why Starmark?

  • Lower potential plan costs compared to traditional plans
  • Opportunity to earn a refund at the end of the agreement
  • Limited employer liability with stop-loss insurance
  • Convenient paperless employee enrollment
  • Less hassles – self-funded health plan designs and stop-loss insurance are bundled
  • Fast, efficient claim processing
  • Claim activity reporting provides improved transparency of healthcare costs
  • Personalized support to assist you throughout the sales process
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