Healthcare Bluebook™ can help you control healthcare costs!

Do you want quality healthcare at an affordable price?

Use Healthcare Bluebook, an online tool providing Fair Price™ transparency for medical tests and procedures, as well as transparent quality metrics.

With Healthcare Bluebook, you can:

  • See price ranges to avoid overpaying for healthcare
  • Compare providers based on quality data
  • Be a better shopper to help you find the best providers at the best price

Take the Bluebook Challenge today!

If you haven’t already, take the Bluebook Challenge, and you’ll receive a $15 eGift Card. For details, click here.

To complete the one-time, online Challenge, log in at > Health and Wellness > Healthcare Bluebook > “Click to Access Healthcare Bluebook”.

Click here to learn how to find a Fair Price on your next medical test or procedure, which may help you save big bucks.

Healthcare Bluebook is included with Starmark® major medical plan designs; however, it is not available to Washington groups. Plan provisions apply. Healthcare Bluebook is not an affiliate of Starmark or Trustmark® Life Insurance Company. Before receiving care, always ask the provider for his or her price. Additionally if your health plan uses a PPO network, call the provider network at the toll-free number on your medical ID card to verify that the hospital and/or healthcare provider participates in the network.

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